CGH Sculpture, Inc. is family owned and operated by metal sculptor, Casey Horn, and his creative adjacent, Careyann. Together, they make a dynamic team whose main focus is to create high quality sculptures that encourage the heart of their collectors, while maintaining the highest standard of business integrity.

     Throughout childhood, Horn developed a deep love for art. In the summer of 1991, he recalls thinking “Art is more than just a part of my life…it is who I am.” This desire to create led him to apprentice with sculptor, Theodore Gall. During which time he decided, “sculpting is what I want to spend the rest of my life doing.” He was hooked and a passion was ignited within.

     Over the next ten years, Horn gained invaluable experience in sheet metal fabrication, welding and foundry processes by working in the industry and earning his certificate in mechanical drafting while providing for his young, growing family. In 2002, he founded a sculpture finishing business for metal sculptors of various genres which also allowed for exploration of his own personal style.  However, the question of what to sculpt still remained.

      In 2004, Horn began to sculpt to his passion. Inspired by ancient art forms, Japanese and Chinese culture in particular, he realized the characters had everything he appreciated…aesthetically pleasing lines, balance, negative space, and meaning behind the form.

     As Horn expands his body of work, he realizes what continues to draw him to calligraphy and brush work is how it expresses the true passion of his life. A passion that exceeds the visual experience and reaches into the life of the viewer. One that communicates the beauty of life in the still moments, in the good times and even in the hardships. Horn’s sculptures create lasting moments of beauty that encourage the heart to live, to learn, and to hope in the future.

     While drawing from the life lessons he has learned, Horn inspires others around him to do the same. One collector states, “What drew us to Casey’s work was the life that the piece exhibited…and how he had captured it, made it even more attractive to us.” His sculptures evoke emotion, as another collector says of them, “They bring me as much joy today as when I first saw them.” The sculptures express timeless principals, “Casey’s sculpture is displayed in a prominent place in my home and my heart. Its flawless lines, balance and colors are so aesthetically pleasing that I never tired of looking at it. Everyone who enters my home admires its beauty and craftsmanship and it is a lasting treasure that will continue to delight future generations.”

     With over 20 years of sculpting experience, Horn is a master in his medium and has received various best of show and sculpture awards. His work can be seen in public and private collections, including Kaiser Permanente, North Central Michigan College and Group Reality. He exhibits his body of work throughout the nation and in contemporary art galleries. As a supporter of the arts, Horn was invited to demonstrate his artistic process by the Denver Art Museum, has been a guest lecturer at local schools, and juror for the Sculpture in the Park show in Loveland, CO. As a member of society, Horn replies “I enjoy contributing my time, talents and treasures to worthy causes.” He is currently supporting disabled adults through the Brookwood Community in Brookshire, TX.