Process: The creation of each piece requires time, knowledge, and patience as sheets of bronze, stainless steel, and aluminum are carefully shaped and artistically hand-formed throughout the fabication process. Sections are strategically positioned, balanced and welded together to become one. Metal surfaces are refined and textured through a variety of grinding techniques. Traditional patinas derived through the use of natural chemicals are enriched through the application of pigments deepening the overall finish. The final work of art is both sophisticated and simple.


Limited Editions: Small fabricated originals are molded and cast in bronze, stainless steel or aluminum through the lost wax process. Numbered, limited editions of Casey’s work offers a cost benefit to clients who are looking for one unique piece of art or those interested in placing multiples.


Wall Sculpture: Interior and exterior original wall sculptures are mounted onto aluminum boxes that are welded and powder coated for durability and safety. The French cleat hanging system allows for weight distribution and stability. Materials and Patina differ for exterior mounts, while the overall look remains the same. Ink paintings are for interior installation only.


Commissions: As a master in his medium, Casey, is able to create original sculptures to meet the specific size requirements of any interior or exterior space. This artistic process also allows for budget flexibility and meeting shorter placement deadlines, if necessary.


Other: Miniature renditions in classic pewter and cast bronze make great collections, gifts, and awards. Entities commission sculptures to communicate organizational branding, reward employees, use as fund raisers, and extend client appreciation.